5 Benefits of Traveling in the Off-Season

Have you ever visited another country in the off-season? We are always drawn to travel in the summer, when sweat adheres our shorts to our legs and the streets are filled with crowds.

 We travel to enjoy ourselves, not be stressed out and uncomfortable.

 So why do we travel during peak season?

 If you have never gone on a shoulder season adventure, here are some reasons why you might want to try: 

Vacation Without an Excuse

Who says it needs to be summer to take some time off? Feed your soul with a trip to the mountains in the fall. If you don’t have that much vacation time, take a weekend trip with your best friend or significant other. If someone asks, “what’s the occasion?” tell them, “me!”


Save Money

Off-season travel is often much cheaper than peak season. This includes flights, hotels, Airbnbs, tours… some restaurants even increase their prices in the summer months! Treat yourself to an upgrade, a spa day, or an extra few days for the price you would have spent had you just gone in July. Who doesn’t want to spend more money on self care, rather than credit card bills?


You know the phrase, “I need a vacation from a vacation.” It stems from being exhausted after a trip. What is the point of a break from reality, if you come home from feeling worse than you did before? In the off-season, everything is less hectic. There are fewer people, which means less time spent in crowds, lines, and a much more pleasant experience.


Live Like a Local

Visiting a popular city in it’s quieter months gives you the experience of what everyday life is like for the locals. Instead of rushing to wait in line at a museum, spend your morning at a cafe. Enjoy a delicious pastry, a cappuccino and watch all the locals start their day. You may find a restaurant or activity you otherwise wouldn’t have thought to try.

A Unique Experience

Spending New Year’s Eve in London is going to be much different than your friend’s August trip. You will get a chance to bundle up and drink hot chocolate while watching the most incredible fireworks - seriously, this show puts Times Square to shame. Even if you still want to hit up all the tourist destinations, a different time of year will bring you a change in scenery, opening you up to new opportunities.

by Jesse Lucas

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