Working on the Go

More people than ever before are working from home. Some people work some of the time from home but are still employed by a company and often spend time in the office. Others work as employees, near enough all of the time out of their homes. But, many home workers work for themselves, running their own businesses, working online, working as freelancers, or otherwise making money with their skills. It can be a fantastic way to work, and one of the most significant advantages, especially of life as a freelancer, is that you can travel while you work. 

It gives you the chance to work while you see the world, instead of either putting off your desire to travel while you focus on your career and save money, or putting your career on the back burner while you fulfil your wanderlust. When you work as a freelancer or run an online business, you aren’t stuck working from home. You can work from almost anywhere. Giving you a fantastic opportunity to travel. 

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Pack What You Need

If you are going to work while you travel, there are things that you need. It’s a good idea to plan the work that you are going to do before you leave home so that you know exactly what you’ll need before you hit the road. Some of the things that you might need include your laptop, a notepad and pen, your camera and books. If you are taking expensive equipment, make sure it’s insured for your trip. 

Invest in Some Gadgets

You’ve packed the essentials, but is there anything that you could take to make things easier? A travel router is ideal. You might also want some Bluetooth speakers to help you relax or noise-cancelling headphones to block out sounds. If you don’t want to carry a large laptop around, could you work on a smaller tablet? 

Get Comfortable

You can work from absolutely anywhere in the world. You could work from hotels, caravans and even tents. But, there’s no doubt that it would be easier to work if you can get comfortable, with a desk, a chair, a good internet connection and anything that you might need to hand. If you plan to travel a lot and would like to keep working, you might want to consider looking at rv dealers. But, at the very least make sure you check in to comfortable hotels which offer all of the facilities that you need. 

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Be Kind to Yourself

Remember, you need to take a break. Working on the go is a fantastic lifestyle choice. But, you still need a break, and a proper holiday from time to time. Don’t work every day. Take time off to rest, relax and enjoy some tourist attractions. Get plenty of sleep, eat well and try to have some fun, even if you are doing it around work. 

Set Your Own Deadlines

Working as a freelancer might mean that you are already tied to deadlines. But, you might want to break it down into smaller deadlines, setting yourself goals for the day, to help you to free up more time for a break. 

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4 Different Ways to Enjoying Camping in Australia

Australia is a truly sensational and stunning part of the world and what better way to get up-close and personal with this unique and diverse landscape than to spend the night camping amongst it. Camping has come to mean different things to different people, but more often than not it conjures up images of sleeping bags and tents. But did you know that there are more ways to enjoy camping in the outback than you may have first thought? Here are four different ways that you can camp, with each offering a slightly different kind of experience. 

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Pack light and camp in a swag

The traditional swag is the quickest and easiest way to camp and is perfect for those on a solo trip or who don’t want to have a lot to carry or can’t be bothered with a lengthy set up. If you want to be on the move daily swags are extremely light and portable and can be easily incorporated as a part of a backpacking trip. Coming in a range of sizes and shapes there’s bound to be a swag for you, and with their compact size and portability you’ll be able to camp in places inaccessible to those who need to carry more gear.

Go for the traditional tent

For those who want a little more room than a swag can offer but still want to pack relatively light, a traditional tent may be your best bet. Ranging from simple one-man pop-ups to multi-bedroom mansions there’s a tent out there to suit everyone and every budget. Why not spice things up a little by looking into tipi or other alternative tent accommodation?

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by Unsplash

Try a camper trailer

Camper trailers are a great way to have a home away from home whilst still also having access to a car to get around in. With Austrack Campers offering a variety of sizes, all built to last and rugged enough to survive the trails this option is perfect for someone looking for a bit more of an adventure into outback. If you want a little more luxury whilst still sleeping a little on the wild side, then a camper trailer could be the one for you.

Venture into van-life 

If travelling is your passion but tents and trailers don’t tickle your fancy then consider a venture in vanlife. The van-life movement has grown steadily over recent years, with more and more people discovering the thrill of living out of a self converted van and hitting the open road..The great thing about van-life is its versatility, with many vans being self converted you can make your home exactly the way you want it, drive it anywhere and then park up and sleep comfortably. 

So which camping option will you choose? Are you taken by the traditional tent, or are you now considering a camper trailer? Perhaps van-life has taken your fancy or you’re going to stay simple with a swag. Whatever you choose your camping trip in Australia is bound to be sensational, so pack up and let’s go camping!

by Contributing Author

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Ireland

Ireland has always had a mystical feel to it but why should you visit Ireland. Well beyond the normal myths of leprechauns and pots of gold at the end of the rainbows. Ireland has an amazing history and genuine people who love their country. Whether you stay for just a weekend in Dublin or make it a full week when you visit Ireland you will not be sorry.  

#1 Beautiful Country

Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries you could visit. It offers so many different experiences and landscapes. You will find miles of rolling hills separated by hand-laid rock walls. As you drive by the landscape looks like a green patchwork quilt. I have never seen so many shades of green in one location. I guess that is why it is called the Emerald Isle. Traveling around the wile Atlantic way will you being enjoying its rugged cliffs. Throw in a few big cities, a few small towns and lots of smaller villages and Ireland offers you beauty in all forms.

by Tammy Staley

by Tammy Staley

#2 Friendly Folks

When you visit Ireland you will want to mingle with the locals. I found the Irish people to be extremely friendly and welcoming. Part of visiting a new place is to immerse yourself in their culture and get to know them. To me, it seemed that the people in Ireland were happier than most places I have been. They always seemed ready to help a tourist or give you the inside scoop. Ireland's main source of income is tourism so it stands to reason that they would be nice to you. However, I found their friendliness to be genuine. They are happy to see you and help you. 

#3 Perfect weather

Well for me it's perfect, I love that fact that it never gets colder than 30 nor warmer than 75. Granted there are those few days where it gets our of the norm but still, it is comfortable year-round. You may find its a bit rainy sometimes but I can handle rain. I don't have to shovel rain. Can you tell I am not a fan of winter? 

by Tammy Staley

by Tammy Staley

#4 Castles Galore

True and real castle dot the entire continent. When you visit Ireland you can see history unfold in many different ways. One of those is with castles dating back to the early 700AD, there is no shortage of history. Even the prisons or Gaols are castles. They dot the countryside available to view as you drive and explore. Many allow visitors and you can wander throughout the Castle. Others you may only see from the outside or as you pass by. 

#5 Spirits to Sip

One of the things Ireland is known for is Guinness beer. Which is way different than what you get here in America. Then there is whiskey, good ole Irish whiskey. Jamerson tops the list of well-known whiskeys from Ireland. When you visit Ireland your tip would not be complete without visiting the Guinness Storehouse or The Jamerson Whiskey Distillery. Now I am not a beer person but I do like a good whiskey. I still tried the Guinness it has a very unique taste, best sipped.  

by Tammy Staley

by Tammy Staley


by Tammy Stanley

Tammy loves to travel both near and far. Her free time is spent building her travel agency and helping others discover the love of travel. Tammy splits her interests across a broad spectrum. A really good book, scrapbooking about current trips, writing for her blog, Securing great photos for her blog and exploring the world. provides her an outlet to share many of her talents and travels with others. 

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Where is Trento and why should you love it?

Italy is one of those places that keeps drawing me back, and I love it because there is always another gem to explore. So where is Trento? And why should you love it? Let me explain the things that will have you booking your next flight to Italy.

Where is Trento?

Trento is situated in the district of Trentino, just south of the Dolomite Mountains in Northern Italy and is a hop skip and a jump away from Italy's Lake Garda. Although Lake Garda is stunning, Trento has that old world charm that makes you feel like you have stepped back in time.

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by Unsplash

Things to do in Trento

Duomo di Trento

You can't visit an Italian city, town or village without visiting its most recognized cathedral or church and of course, Trento is no different. This cathedral is beautiful and attached to it is a great little museum called Castello del Buonconsiglio. You will not be disappointed by what the artwork, tapestry and wooden sculptures. It engulfs the rich history and culture of this beautiful town (which was once part of Austria).

Piazza Duomo

You can not help but fall in love with this part of town, with its beautiful fountain and busy thoroughfare. It makes for a perfect afternoon of alfresco dining.

Castello del Buonconsiglio

Who doesn't love the romance of a castle? This castle, in particular, is recognised as being one of the most important and impressive castles in the Trentino region. Although now it hosts many exhibitions, it was once the residence of prince bishops and cardinals alike.

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by Unsplash

Palazzo Roccabruna

Once occupied by the Roccabruna family who is considered to be one of the oldest noble families in Trentino, it is now used for both exhibitions and events. There are many reasons to visit this unique palace, whether you choose to visit one of the many exhibitions they have on display or to taste the local food and wine. Either way, there is a little something for everyone.

Trento City Centre

Book a tour and explore the history of Trento city Centre, team up with a local guide who can take you the city and explain the cities beautiful architecture, landscape and history. Or if you prefer to do it on your own, then head out to the surrounding areas of this beautiful city and enjoy the many wonders the landscape has to offer. Head up on the cable car and get a bird's eye view of this adorable town.

The food and wine

If you are anything like me, I am there to sniff out the best food and wine in the region. Who doesn't love Italian food? It is not always about carb overload and red wine, so here are my alternatives.

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by Unsplash

Gelato - Cherry

I had heard this place is impressive, and they were right with their definition. The gelato here has all types of quirky flavours, and the staff will guide you with their recommendations of the best combinations of flavours. I tried a few other gelaterias in the area, but I kept coming back and trying the delicious flavours cherry has to offer.

Aperitif - The Hugo

This little Aperitif can be found at any bar or restaurant in Trento. I have given away my love of the Aperol spritz and in its place comes the Hugo. The best part about this afternoon treat is the goodies that come along with it no matter where you choose to sit. The Hugo aperitif consists of:
One sprig of mint,
1 Tbsp elderflower syrup more if you like it sweet,
1 cup Prosecco or white sparkling wine,
1/2 lime sliced, 1 to 2 Tbsp sparkling water
and ½ cup of ice cubes.

Grappa - Francesco Poli

If you haven't yet tried grappa, then head over to Distilleria Francesco in Santa Massenza. This distillery might not be in Trento, but it is in the Trentino region. So if you want to spend a day out by the beautiful lake Santa Massenza a little grappa tasting might be right up your alley.

I am already making plans for my next Italian adventure and ensuring that this little gem is included in the itinerary.

by Paula

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5 Tips for Traveling While Vegan

Veganism is the next big thing. It is easier now than ever before to pursue a plant-based diet either as a full-on lifestyle change, or as a method of incorporating more veggies into your diet. But what do you do while traveling? Chuck it all out the window? You don't have to! As a vegan of over 5 years and a lover of all things travel, here are my 5 tips for traveling while vegan.

by Unsplash

by Unsplash

1. Use HappyCow.

If you haven't heard of HappyCow, check it out! I absolutely love this website. Other vegans and vegetarians will add restaurant listings, which are approved by the facilitators of the platform, and add reviews. You can see whether or not a place is vegan, vegetarian, or sells meat but has some vegan items on its menu.

 I find myself veering towards vegan restaurants if I'm traveling solo, or with others that like vegan food. If not, then the veg-friendly option is super helpful! You can see what vegan options they have, and whether or not they're any good, from the reviews on HappyCow.

 Some of my favorite meals in my life have been from restaurants listed on this website, and I have yet to visit one country that doesn't have a listing on HappyCow. Try this out if you're new to being vegan while traveling. You won't be disappointed!


2. Go to the grocery store.

I find this the best piece of advice for my wallet, travel experience, and veganism. Why? Because grocery stores vary quite a bit depending upon where you are in the world. There is a wealth of information you can learn about a culture just by perusing the aisles of its grocery stores.

 If you're staying in a place with a kitchen, you can even pick up some food and cook, instead of eating out for every meal. I have saved who-knows-how-much money just from this travel hack alone. And, to top it all off, I've experienced grocery stores so different from mine at home. What a cool outing!

by Unsplash

by Unsplash

3. Be culturally sensitive—but stick to your guns.

There is a sometimes-heated argument about whether or not vegans should change for travel, in order to be culturally sensitive. I lean more towards no, because there are secretly vegan local dishes all around the world. Also, this is more of a personal choice, because I went vegan due to health issues. If I eat meat, I run the risk of becoming seriously ill. However, I still want to be respectful of my hosts when I travel. It can be difficult to balance!

 In my experience, it is best to be honest and forthcoming about your dietary restrictions, but not to compromise them. This is especially important for those of us with severe allergies, or stomach problems. At the end of the day, do what's best for you! If that means eating differently while traveling and adopting a vegan diet sometimes, then that's that. But, if you want to be vegan 100% of the time, it is doable while traveling, and you can do so without being disrespectful.

 This is another reason why HappyCow is so great! It helps you connect with vegans from the country you're visiting, because the overwhelming majority of the restaurants listed are locally-owned and operated. It's also a way to contribute to the local economy. I always like to take the opportunity to ask the staff their favorite places to see and things to do in the destination. Sounds like a win-win to me!


4. Try local cuisine made vegan.

Depending on your destination, there may be a plethora of vegan options available from cultures all around the world. I still like to try at least one meal, even if it's at a veg-friendly place, that is a local dish made vegan. I've found that some of my favorite meals are these!

 For example, I recently tried vegan haggis in Scotland. Haggis is a sheep dish that is very traditionally Scottish--I'd never heard of it before arriving to Edinburgh. A local veg-friendly restaurant had a vegan version of it, and I fell head-over-taste buds in love.

 Should you try that highly-rated Vietnamese fusion restaurant in Amsterdam? Absolutely! But, should you also try the vegan haggis in Scotland? Yes, yes, yes. Not only is it a culturally enriching experience, but it also appreciates and celebrates the uprising of the vegan community all around the world.

by Unsplash

by Unsplash

5. Engage with vegans from all around the world.

This also comes from trying local restaurants that are either all vegan, or have a few vegan options. Chat with the staff a little bit! Obviously, if they're busy, then they're busy. But, if not, then ask them about their hometown. I'm always happy to share off-the-beaten-path advice about my own hometown of Nashville, TN. Locals are a gold mine of information about places to see that you maybe never considered, and you can give advice based upon your own experiences in return.

 From using HappyCow and then traveling to different areas of the world, trying vegan restaurants, and chatting with the staff a bit, I have met so many incredible people. The owner of a vegan restaurant in Tokyo walked me through their whole menu, asked me about my experience as a vegan, and told me a little bit about day trips I should take. This was only my first night in the city, and I already had ideas for all the loose parts of my itinerary!

 There are vegan friends to be made all around the world. All it takes is for you to put yourself out there, and try something different.


There you have it, folks! I've learned so much about the world, myself, and my body as both a vegan, and a traveler. My experiences around the globe have been made so great by my interactions with the vegan community that can be found in every corner of the world. Veganism and travel have both brought me such balance and inner-peace. Vegan or not, I hope you find the same. Be well, and keep exploring!


 by Sarah from Sarah L. Travels

Sarah is a writer and blogger from Music City, USA with an intense case of the travel bug. On her blog, Sarah L. Travels, she writes about travel, veganism, and plain ole life. When she’s not writing, you can find her curled up with a good book or planning her next adventure.

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