Wellness in Sedona, Arizona

What’s the point of a vacation if you gain 15 pounds and come home feeling like crap? I think it’s time for you to consider a Sedona wellness travel trip. All the perks of vacation without the sluggishness and lack of sleep. At Wellness Everywhere, we are focused on creating a wellness travel experience for you will have you coming home ready to plan the next. Let’s go!

If you haven’t been to Sedona, why wait any longer? This spot is one of the most unique locations in the nation and it’s tucked away outside of Phoenix. This makes it easy to fly into Phoenix, rent a car and make the 2 hour drive for your Sedona wellness travel trip!

From hiking to juice bars to burger joints, they have it all. Make sure you book your tickets between March and May so you can avoid the sweltering heat waves that come through. Here’s your weekend guide to Sedona, Arizona.


First, you will not have a complete Sedona wellness travel trip without stopping at ChocolaTree. This quaint restaurant places you somewhere like Costa Rica or Kauai. You will have your farm-to-table meals in the backyard garden. Whatever you decide to try, you will be pleased. I went with the 2020 Enchilada, Pachamama Latte and the International Dipper. Remember, the plates are huge so, you’ll want to split them! Oh and it’s 100% gluten and soy free.

Next, The Local Juicery, where all your smoothie dreams are made. This local organic juice bar is the perfect refresher on a warm Sedona day. Whether you are in the mood for an acai bowl, a butter coffee or food food, they’ve got it for you. They source from local farmers and use the highest quality ingredients you can find. My favorite is the Classic Acai bowl with added protein. Grab a Chocolate Mylk on your way out and you’re set!


I mean, who books a Sedona wellness travel trip without a daily hike? It’s super simple to find hikes in this area, it’s peppered with them. Grab a local area map, hop in your car and head out for the day. You can go to the more populated spots like Cathedral Rock or Soldier Pass trail. I prefer to find the narrow paths and look for my own trails. We drove down some random neighborhood streets and 10/10 times found a trail that led to either a spring or an overlook. Here are a few favorites:

  • Devil’s Bridge (moderate)

  • Huckaby Trail (moderate)

  • Bear Mountain Trail (hard)

There are over 176 trails in Sedona, have at it! Bring your reusable water bottle, some healthy snacks and your camera, you will want to take photos. 


Since we live in our van full-time, we hang out most of the time in National Forests. Sedona is in the Coconino National Forest so, we drove about 5 miles out of town, turned onto a service road and found a spot for the night. I encourage you to do this with our without a van. Bring your tent and enjoy the complete silence of nature for the weekend.

So, what do you say, are you ready to take on your first healthy vacation? Is a Sedona wellness travel trip on your radar now!

Come visit www.mywellnesseverywhere.com and shoot us a hello if you’d like us to visit a healthy restaurant, non-toxic hotel or wellness center in your area! Our goal is to make healthy travel accessible for everyone and to highlight the businesses going the extra mile. We’re on IG @wellnesseverywhere

Written by Ashlee

Ashlee is from Alaska and is a sustainability and wellness travel blogger. She is a Holistic Nutritionist and dedicates her time to simplifying wellness, even on the go. You’ll find her traveling the world in her sprinter van with her husband and rescue pup, Gilligan! Say hello — @simplholistic