Top Travel Accessories of 2019

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There are no so many cool gadgets and little things that you can get now to make your life easier while on the road or in the air. I love finding different products to make my travels more comfortable and easier. I am sharing with you a list of things that I love, plus some products that I think look so awesome. These are my top travel accessories for 2019. Happy Travels!

*this contains affiliate links where I may make money if you choose to buy a product, but at no additional cost to you

1. Bag organizers

Organizers for you luggage are so nice to have. They are not real expensive to buy, but they are so nice for making it easy to organize all the different things in your suitcase. This makes it so much easier to find what you need, especially if you are actually living out of the suitcase for awhile like I do. These packing cubes are very light, which is important because you are trying to keep it under weight. They are also really durable, plus this set comes with a bonus of a laundry bag. Check these out below.

2. Essential oils 

I use essential oils regularly, for everything. Packing a bunch of the small bottles can bring down the weight, plus I am also guilty of not closing them all the way and having them leak. The pack of oil blends below are perfect and really the only 4 you really need. I love that they are roll on because, for example the sleep one is works great to rub on your palms on the plane to help you feel more relaxed. Included as well is defense blend to help fight all those added germs we are exposed to. The breathe blend is great for when you are sick or congested and the muscle blend helps to relieve sore muscles. These are much less likely to leave and great as a carryon on flights or just for everyday in your purse.

3. Wireless charger/portable charger

Either a wireless or portable charger can come in handy when traveling. For one it’s always nice to carry less cords with you and sometimes you also need to be able to charge without an outlet. I highly recommend all the eco-friendly products that nimble has to meet any of your charging needs. They use recycled materials to make their products as well as packaging in 100% recycled paper, no plastic. They also recycle one pound of e-waste for every one of their products that is sold. How great is that? Awesome, products, that are also eco-friendly. A win-win.

4. Cleansing Packets

I am obsessed with this, I always have some in all my bags when I travel. The ones below are especially fantastic because they are natural and made with therapeutic essential oils. This is the variety pack so you can use which every oil is good for that moment. Use them to clean off makeup, to wiping down the food tray on an airplane. This are great not only to have for your travels but everyday in your purse or car.

5. Luggage 

Of course, when traveling, you can’t forget luggage. Personally, I prefer the hard case rolling suitcases when I am going for long tavel. They seem to have more room in them and are more durable. It is important to find ones that are of good quality. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to do this. No matter how nice of a suitcase you have, they will get scuffed up gong through those conveyer belts. Another positive is the lightweight of these and they come in so many colors. I have given options for two good brands below to choose from. One a little bit more reasonable priced, maybe for less frequent travelers. The other may be a better investment for those who travel often and need something that can withstand the conditions of going from airport to airport.

6. Jewelry organizer 

If you have ever packed jewelry, you know it can become such a tangled mess. This organizer helps to prevent that. You could also use this bag to organize a variety of little things other than just jewelry. It rolls up nice and small and weights practically nothing. This is a must for me.

7. Workout bands 

I take these with me when I travel. It is important that I maintain my active lifestyle, even when not at home. Not every place I stay has a gym there or nearby. These bands are so lightweight and there is an endless amount of great exercise you can do with them. If you are not sure what exercises, just do a quick search on Pinterest and there you can have a good quick workout right in your hotel room. These are actually just great to have at home as well. They may seem like not much, but trust me, you can get really sore from the littlest movements using these.

8. Tri-pod for camera/Phone

This is a great thing to have, especially when traveling solo. I believe in living in the moment and stepping away from the phone but there is balance there. I also think its great to document your travels, you can tell a story with photos & videos you take. As a blogger, it is also essential because you don’t always have someone there with you to take photos for you. These Tri-pods are nice and small so it is easy to pack with you. These are both in packages that have all that you need. The first is a bit more affordable but the second has the advantage of having flexible legs on it that give you more options of uses.

9. Fold up duffle bag

I always pack one of these when I go on my travels. They are so great because it is light, and takes up very little space in your suitcase. It is good to have because sometimes you want to buy some things while on the road, right? This creates another bag you can use along with way to help with extra room you may need or if you find your bag is overweight. Sometimes having to pay for an extra bag can save you more money, then having to pay for an overweight bag.

10. SIM card storage

When I travel country to country, I get a SIM card for most every country a go to if I am there over a couple weeks. In many countries it is really inexpensive to buy a small data plan to use while you are there. This is something I find really comforting and helpful as a solo traveler. If I go out exploring I know that I can use my phone to map out where I am, order an Uber or if need be cal for help (though luckily I have not had to use it for that). This comes in handy because those little SIM cards are so small and if you are having to swap them out this is a great way to store them safely, so you don’t lose your original one, plus it has the little PIN to easily change them out.

11. Infinity scarf with pocket

One of my essentials that I take on a flight is a scarf. I love to have one for a few reasons. It can get cold on flights, no matter the temperature outside so it is a nice thing to have for added warmth. Also, sometimes, you end up sitting next to someone that is sick or there is a smell that you don’t like, this is an easy way to cover up your mouth or nose to avoid some of those discomforts. Or if you are sick your self, a polite way to keep from coughing on other people. This scarf gives you another added bonus with a pocket. It can work as storage for anything you may want to have close by such as your passport, chapstick or some headphones. A bonus is it comes is so many colors to choose from!

12. Camera Lens

If you are like me, you use your phone also as your camera as you travel. I have to say my iPhone xs takes some pretty amazing photos. It may not be as fantastic as a nice professional camera, but for me and what I need it works perfectly. This is a pack of 6 camera lens to help take your photos to the next level. Great for added zoom, wide angle and more. A much more cost effective way to get higher quality photos. These are compatible with iPhon, Samsung and other phone brands.

13. Travel adapter

If you are traveling to different countries you need a travel adaptor. It’s best to purchase this before you go, because going through the airport they are much more expensive and sometimes buying them in the country, you don’t find ones that are as high quality. This one is so great because it is small and comes with ports that work for just about all countries around the world. Plus it has several USB ports which can be great for charging multiple things.

14. Travel door alarm

This is another great item for those solo female travelers, but can really be good for anyone that wants that added security. This is easy to use and nice and small for traveling with. It’s a small devise that you hook up to a door and if someone enters while you have it up it will sound an alarm. I have actually heard nightmare stories of people traveling when even hotel staff have tried to come into their room at night. This is an inexpensive and great precaution to have. Really, this can also be great for your home or apartment. If you do not want to pay costly at home alarm systems, this can be a cheaper alternative that can also help give you piece of mind.

15. Waterproof bluetooth speaker

This is something extra to bring along while traveling if you enjoy music. It can be great for when you are on the road or even just when you just want to have a speaker that doesn’t require a plugin. This one is nice and small and light. The bonus on this is that it is waterproof, so you can even use it in the shower or don’t have to worry about it, if you want to take it for your day at the beach.

16. Travel size oil diffuser

I am obsessed with my oil diffuser, so this is a must for me. You can add in some lavender to help you sleep in places that are not your bed, or add in some eucalyptus to help you elevate congestion. It is usb portable so you can take it anywhere you want. It is a great option for the car, hotels or anywhere you choose.

17. Underwater phone case

These are great to have, especially in the summertime or while traveling somewhere tropical. This keeps your phone safe, gives you the ability to take photos underwater and having it around your neck helps you not to lose it.

18. Portable Hammock

Who does not love relaxing in a hammock. A portable hammock can be an awesome thing to have anywhere you go, from the beach, to camping, to your own backyard. It is lightweight and packs up easily to to take with you anywhere.

19. Passport holder

I love having my passport holder that also works as a wallet. I can keep not only my passport but money, cards I need and my fight ticket without having to have my whole walled or purse out. This make it easy to find in your bag and keeps it from getting bent and warn as well. There are many designs to choose from too.

19. Travel Pillow

I actually have this one and I like it so much more than the traditional neck pillows. It takes up less space too and it is super comfortable. It may look a little funny but it is worth it, especially for a long flight. I felt that I got much better sleep with this.

20. MacBook Lightweight laptop

I have an older version of this from a couple years ago but it really was the best purchase I have made. I love my Mac, it is super easy to use but the best part is how light it is. Before this I had a laptop that was so heavy to take in my carry on bags, it was so annoying. This one is the perfect reliable laptop when you are typically on the road. Plus I always get compliments on it. If you are looking for a new laptop I highly recommend it. It is worth the investment! This is the latest version.

These are just 20 of many amazing products that are perfect for travel in 2019. You can check out my amazon store for more travel recommendations as well as all of my favorite amazon products. Happy shopping and safe travels!


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