Upgrade your health mindset

I came across a quote that really inspired me “Don’t hate yourself to skinny, love yourself to healthy.” This put into a sentence exactly what I want to inspire women to change in their minds. Screw what society tells you or those instagram models you think you should aspire to look like. REAL health starts on the inside.  

There is so much pressure, especially as women, to be “healthy”. The thing is, when we think of being healthy, most of us tend to have the wrong idea in our head of what it means to be healthy. This can create a negative energy and instead creates a more unhealthy environment for yourself. That’s exactly how it was for me. I tried different diets, weight loss programs, etc. Sometimes they worked but never permanently. Once I freed myself from those pressures is when the healthier me emerged, both inside and out.

Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

Every person has a different bone structure, genetics and body composition. Forget that weight chart at the doctors office that tells you, you are overweight. Yes, sometimes weight loss is important to health but its not everything. We need to stop making that the focus and start focusing on health to actually be healthy not skinny. 

 Holistic health is about health of your mind, body and soul.

First lets talk about the mind, which is so powerful. You must first realize that the way you are is enough, that your body and how you look on the outside does not define you. I understand this is way easier said than done, I have been there. It may be an ongoing battle, but one that is 100% worth fighting. You owe it to yourself. 


An Thong National Park, Thailand

An Thong National Park, Thailand

Having goals can be motivational, but digging deep and knowing your WHY is even better. Your why should be bigger than just a number on the scale or to look a certain way. Health is essential to our lives its allows us to live our lives to the fullest, to not be in pain, to get to experience things on our terms. 

A few other points for a new health perspective:

*Eat for healing your body. Fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables have healing properties that can help to renew your body, fight disease or help deal with certain issues or ailments. 

*Perfections is not necessary, balance is. Everyone must find their own health balance and stay balanced.

*Movement is so important for our bodies to maintain our bones, muscle and flexibility. You can find a form of exercise that suites your needs. Its not necessary to kill yourself at the gym if thats not your style. You can find what works for you, something that will bring you positive energy.  

 *The beauty products, household products and medicine we intake is also important to consider for your overall health. 

 *Most importantly our minds can be our biggest defeat or our best asset when it comes to becoming healthy. Let your mind be your ally.


 Stop listening to unnecessary pressures and start focusing on creating a healthier environment for yourself on the inside. It will take time but the rest will fall into place. 



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