Fall into health - 5 delicious recipes to warm your heart and heal your body

5 healthy Fall Recipes.png
  1. Spicy Coconut Pumpkin Soup 

This soup is sooo good and so great for you in many ways. It contains fresh ginger and garlic which are perfect to take in during the fall, helping reduce the risk of and fight off the cold and flu. I used all organic ingredients just to increase the health benefits, but it can be healthy either way. 


I am all about the Spaghetti squash. It may not have the exact texture of pasta but it is a darn good substitute and even better for your body, filled with fiber and antioxidant rich vitamins. The sauce is simple and delicious, with the option to add a little kick if you choose. 

3. Butternut Squash Chili 

Chili is a perfect go to fall favorite to warm you inside and out. The classic is great, but there are so many creative ways to change it up, while keeping it tasting good and creating a healthier meal. Anything in the squash family is a great fall ingredient. Its when you find the best prices on these vegetables, plus butternut squash also delivers on fiber, along with vitamins and minerals that support good nervous and immune system functioning. 

4. Roasted Maple Pears

I don’t know about you, but I tend to overlook pears, though I think they are so yummy. They get even better when they are cooked. These roasted maple pears are so easy and even more tasty. You can top them with ice cream, look for healthier options such as coconut or almond milk varieties too. Pears contain vitamin C along with other vitamins & minerals, while the cinnamon aides in lowering the risk of heart disease and blood sugar, and real maple syrup is an anti-inflammatory with many antioxidants to nourish your body.  

5. autumn glow salad with lemon dressing

Everything in this salad is so good for you and is also filling. It is not your typical lettuce salad, but rather, offers much more to satisfy your tastebuds and fill your stomach. This can easily be made in a batch that you can grab and go for the week or for hosting a large dinner party. 

The fall is a time when the cravings for comfort food and warmth increase. That does not mean that flavor or fullness needs to be compromised in order to be healthy. The recipes can all be adjusted a bit to meet your particular appetite as well. You can easily substitute certain things or add in proteins. Happy Eating and Happy Thanksgiving ahead!

Health, love and happiness,