21st Century Breakdown? Learning How To Relax In The Modern World

While there are different ways to hack your health and ensure that you've got a great lifestyle, there's still that all-important issue of learning how to relax. Because the speed of life goes so fast when we tend to find that we have to fine-tune our lifestyle continuously to cope with the various pressures, what does this mean in the long run? While we are eating well and exercising enough to ensure we have a nubile body, we don't have the opportunity for adequate downtime. This means that we got to find ways to hack our ability to relax properly. Are there any tried and tested methods?

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Deep Breathing

So many people underestimate entirely how shallowly they breathe. Deep breathing has an incredible impact on our ability to take in more oxygen. And while a lot of people go for meditation as a way to relax, it's all about focusing on the breath. A lot of people “can't think of nothing,” but deep breathing gives you that chance to flood your body with oxygen, and take control of your autonomic nervous system. Deep breathing doesn't have to be an overly complicated thing, but there are plenty of guides online, perhaps most notably by Wim Hof, that has inspired so many people to practice deep breathing to help them push their bodies to extremes. But you don't need to do this, and in fact, a few rounds of very deep breathing can calm you down.

Tackling Your Stress Points

Stress is a constant in life and a lot of people stress out in their specific way. These days, a lot of people smoke marijuana, while companies like HMP Brands provide an abundance of this, if you want to figure out ways to relax, it's worth tackling your stress head-on, rather than medicating it. The causes of stress in your life means that you can’t relax. But it feels like we don't have the time. So instead from every figure out where we are in our lives, and pinpoint the exact issues that make us anxious, we can start to fix these things one at a time. You don't like working in your job? Is it time to start looking for another one? This is overly simplistic, but it's greatly underestimated. Figuring out what stresses you out in life can mean that by eliminating these causes, you feel you have room to breathe.

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Relaxation Techniques

For those that don't know how to relax, it's about putting your body into a relaxation state by continuous practice. There are breathing exercises, but there are also things like body awareness exercises, yoga, pilates, and progressive muscle relaxation. A lot of people can't relax because they don't know how to do it. So if you can find the right techniques to work for you but also started practicing, it becomes a part of your life. Learning to relax in the modern world is very difficult because we don't necessarily have the time. But we need to make time. Even if we have 10 minutes, this allows us to do some deep breathing, a quick meditation session, or at the very least, not think about anything else.

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