Why You Should Move Out West

More and more people are deciding to move west, with some of the fastest growing cities

according to USA Today including St. George, Utah; Greeley, Colorado; Provo-Orem, Utah; and

Boise City, Idaho. Denver real estate is especially hot as well, thanks to its thriving economy,

booming job market and proximity to a wealth of outdoor adventure. Why should you consider making the move too?

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More Open Space

If you’re looking for more open space, you’re much more likely to find it out west. The Western

states typically include vast wilderness areas where you can enjoy plenty of solitude and

perhaps even enjoy the charms of a small town, complete with a slower paced lifestyle. Even if

you live in the city, you’re likely to be within driving distance for a day trip to a more remote area.

For example, Los Angeles may be filled with traffic, but just a couple hours east you’ll find

Joshua Tree National Park, which feels like an entirely different planet.

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Mountains or the Beach?

Living out West means you may not have to choose between living in the mountains or by the

beach – you may be able to do both in California, Oregon and Washington. Choose places like

Colorado or Montana and you’ll be in or within easy reach of the majestic Rockies for some of

the best skiing and hiking in the entire country.

A New Career

There tend to be a lot of jobs in the Western states so if you’re hoping to embark on a new

career or just land a better-paying job, you’re likely to do so out West. Three of the top five cities

for jobs, as ranked by WalletHub, are Scottsdale, Arizona; San Francisco, California; and

Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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Your Health Might Improve

Social activities don’t just involve going out to the bar when you live out west. Spending time in

the great outdoors rules here, perhaps hiking to the top of a mountain, camping in gorgeous

state or national parks, paddling kayaks across a lake, whitewater rafting, beach BBQs with

Frisbee throwing, or just going to the dog park and letting your four-legged friends run around

together. Instead of drinking all those calories, you’ll be burning a ton, helping you stay fit or

lose weight. People tend to eat healthier in the west too, with plenty of organic fruits and

vegetables available, and along the coast, lots of fresh fish and seafood too. If you’re on a

specific diet, such as vegan, gluten- or dairy-free, you’re much more likely to find restaurants

that cater to your needs too.

It’s Easier to Make Friends

While it’s not all clique-free, communities tend to be more welcoming to outsiders in Western

states, especially in larger towns and cities, simply because so many people are moving in from

other areas. There’s a relaxed, laid-back feel, with people often friendly and more open to all

types which means generally, you’re more likely to find yourself with some new friends not long

after moving.

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