4 Different Ways to Enjoying Camping in Australia

Australia is a truly sensational and stunning part of the world and what better way to get up-close and personal with this unique and diverse landscape than to spend the night camping amongst it. Camping has come to mean different things to different people, but more often than not it conjures up images of sleeping bags and tents. But did you know that there are more ways to enjoy camping in the outback than you may have first thought? Here are four different ways that you can camp, with each offering a slightly different kind of experience. 

by Unsplash

by Unsplash

Pack light and camp in a swag

The traditional swag is the quickest and easiest way to camp and is perfect for those on a solo trip or who don’t want to have a lot to carry or can’t be bothered with a lengthy set up. If you want to be on the move daily swags are extremely light and portable and can be easily incorporated as a part of a backpacking trip. Coming in a range of sizes and shapes there’s bound to be a swag for you, and with their compact size and portability you’ll be able to camp in places inaccessible to those who need to carry more gear.

Go for the traditional tent

For those who want a little more room than a swag can offer but still want to pack relatively light, a traditional tent may be your best bet. Ranging from simple one-man pop-ups to multi-bedroom mansions there’s a tent out there to suit everyone and every budget. Why not spice things up a little by looking into tipi or other alternative tent accommodation?

by Unsplash

by Unsplash

Try a camper trailer

Camper trailers are a great way to have a home away from home whilst still also having access to a car to get around in. With Austrack Campers offering a variety of sizes, all built to last and rugged enough to survive the trails this option is perfect for someone looking for a bit more of an adventure into outback. If you want a little more luxury whilst still sleeping a little on the wild side, then a camper trailer could be the one for you.

Venture into van-life 

If travelling is your passion but tents and trailers don’t tickle your fancy then consider a venture in vanlife. The van-life movement has grown steadily over recent years, with more and more people discovering the thrill of living out of a self converted van and hitting the open road..The great thing about van-life is its versatility, with many vans being self converted you can make your home exactly the way you want it, drive it anywhere and then park up and sleep comfortably. 

So which camping option will you choose? Are you taken by the traditional tent, or are you now considering a camper trailer? Perhaps van-life has taken your fancy or you’re going to stay simple with a swag. Whatever you choose your camping trip in Australia is bound to be sensational, so pack up and let’s go camping!

by Contributing Author

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