Reiki for Easing Flying Nerves

Holistic Medicine and alternative wellness, has become a mainstream treatment for many ailments instead of harmful chemicals. This is especially true for those with anxieties.  If you are afraid of heights and taking your first flight, this article will help you to understand how reiki can tame your anxiety, while on the plane! 

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle energy healing system.  It was first discovered by Dr.Mikao Usui in the 1920s.Reiki is where the universal life force energy found in every living  and non living being is channeled into the reiki master’s hand and then sent to the person, or the animal, or object, receiving the healing either through distance or hands on healing.


Reiki does not hurt, and it is not scary.  You may feel gentle tingling, warmth, or cold, or you may feel nothing.  No matter what you feel during your reiki session, it is important to allow yourself to flow with whatever you feel and not hold back any feelings you may experience.

Reiki For First Time Flyers

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, reiki will help calm first time flyers.  If you are going on a flight for the first time, you will want to google “reiki healer near me”.  I best recommend booking a reiki session with someone, if you are going to have an in person healing experience, three days prior to your flight date.  This is because it will give you an allotted time frame after your healing has been done to detox.  During this time you may experience cold like symptoms, you may not be hungry, or you may be more hungry.  You may feel like you are shaky, or light headed, these are only a few things you may experience during the detox.  It is important to also note here that you need to hydrate to continue to detox the stuck or stagnant energy that has been released.

 If you choose to do a distance healing, which simply means that a practitioner does a reiki session from afar, then I suggest that you book a session to begin at least 15 mins before take off occurs, if possible.  I also suggest booking a reiki session for the plane ride home as well so that when you get back you don’t experience heavy jet lag, which can be more severe especially if you have an anxiety/panic attack.

I also advise getting headphones and explaining to your practitioner that you are seated on the plane so he/she can begin your session.  It's important to have headphones, for one so you don't distract others, and for two, so they do not distract you.


Reiki is a gentle energy healing therapy that will help you to relax and remain calm during your travels.  Drink plenty of water, relax, and have a safe trip!

written by, Manda Martinotti

About the Writer:

Manda Martinotti is a certified Usui and Animal reiki master who is also a passionate, and dedicated freelance writer.  In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her beloved pets and family. She also enjoys mediation and Yoga.

 You can find out more info or to book a reiki healing with Manda Martinotti, please visit her website: or you can follower her on Instagram @goodvibesmanda


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