10 easy ways to earn money online

As I desire to always be traveling, I am always looking for great ways to earn extra income online that is easy and flexible. These are 10 ways I personally have made and continue to make extra income. These alone may not make you rich, but a few of them do have the ability to create a full-time income, depending how much time you put into them. Any of these options can be done on the side from home, whether you have a current job or not, or to start a new flexible career as a digital nomad. 

  1. Teach English Online -

This is a big part of how I am able to have flexibility to move about & make a little extra money while I am home or traveling. You must have a bachelors degree, a computer with good internet access & a quiet place to work from. The process is easy to get hired, you must pass an interview & mock class but all the tools and information you need is provided. The hourly pay is really good and varies depending on your experience and how your trial lessons go. You have the flexibility to work just a few hours a week if you choose, or a few each day. Set the schedule according to your needs week by week. I have used a few online companies but VIPKid is by far the best. The platform is easy to use and lesson plans are provided. You just need to come with a good attitude and energy for the students. 

To learn more or get started with VIPKid go here - VIPKid

2. Appen

I have also been working for Appen for about a year now. They hire people as a website evaluator. It's easy, flexible & you can choose how much or little you work. You also just need a computer & reliable internet. The application process was simple. Once you are hired you may be asked to be a part of certain projects, that vary on how long they last. Before you are approved for a project you have to take tests to verify that you read the procedures & understand what your expectations are. You may be asked to participate in multiple projects at  a time. At times I have had little opportunity to work and other times I have had the chance to work a lot. It pays decent at $13 per hour and gives you the flexibility to log in and work whenever you choose. This has been a nice extra little paycheck for me each month. You can find current flexible opportunities here:

Click here to apply - Appen

3. Start a blog or website

Starting a blog does not necessarily provide an immediate source of income, but there is so much potential if you are willing to learn. There are many course & tools out there for you to learn anything you want if you are willing to be take the time & also be patient. Blogging is a great way to also teach & inspire others about anything you may have knowledge or are passionate about. Here are some great resources to get started

Blue host - (use this to register your domain or website name, for example mine is www.nourishthefreelife.com) - start here

Wordpress click here: wordpress

4. Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing is collaborating with another company & promoting their product. When people who were referred by you buy something or take part in their program you get paid. There are so many free Affiliate marketing programs out there. You just sign up and are given a unique link that you can use to direct people. You can promote your links through social media, blogs, Pinterest or any other creative ways you can think of. Also there are programs for every niche, so whatever message you are trying to get out there, there is a program for. A few of my links I have provided above are affiliate links, I may receive pay if you choose to sign up through me without any extra cost to you. You can find different companies individually that align with your purpose or register with an agency that allows you to apply to multiple companies. Some that I use are:

Awin - Awin is one that allows you to apply to different companies to be an affiliate. Its home to many well known brands. Sign up for free - here

Tripnado - this is also free to join. I love this one because it not only saves you money on travel expenses but you get to help friends & family save too and to top it off when they save you earn. The basic membership is completely free to join. Its a win-win. Click here to join!

Share a Sale - This works similar to Awin, but gives you another variety of different brands to affiliate with that meet your niche. Join Share a Sale

5. Create an online course 

There are some great websites out there that make it so easy to create an online course about anything you want. Then you set a price & put it up for sale. It may take some time to create a course & make it good but once its ready you are good to go and have created a passive income for yourself as it sells. I have taken courses from teachable to help me with my blogging. I have not yet created a course but do plan to do so in the future. Teachable is by far the best as it is so well known and user friendly.

Teachable - check it out


6. Amazon associate/influencer program 

This is an awesome program to be a part of, especially if you have any online blog or following. You create an account and choose products you like and want to recommend others to on Amazon. Then you can promote those products & your store link. When people make purchases through you then you get a percentage of each sale. There are many other links, promotions & tools you can use to increase your earning potential. Its free & easy. I currently am a part of the influencer program.

Amazon Influencer/Associate program - register here

8. website tester 

This is something I have just started recently and so far I enjoy it so much! It is not  way to make a ton of money but for some extra cash & another easy source of income it is great option. There are testing companies that may work a bit different but currently I do some testing for a site called UserTesting. You must pass a few screening tests. It is fun and easy way to try out new websites and it is more interactive with actually going through the scenario of using the site, while explaining your experience. You may not qualify for each test but even a few tests a week can put a nice little extra boost to your income at the end of the month.

UserTesting - get started

9. Freelance

I have used some of the freelance website & it is a great way to find extra work in any field. Freelance writing is popular but you may be surprised about other things you can find. I have done a bit a blog writing as well as website testing. You can find various work in something your specialize in or there is also work for beginners too. These are a few sites to check out for finding freelance work. Both are free to register. 

Upwork - click here

Freelancer - click here

10. Sweat Coin 

Earn as you walk everyday. This is an app you can download for your phone. It allows you to earn money just for simply having the app on and for walking. You can use the coins you earn to buy a variety of things. It’s free to join, why not earn a little extra each day. 

Sweat Coin - get the app here

Good luck with your new income streams! 

Health, Love & Happiness,


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